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hi people.

i just joined this community :)

i'm kind of new to this whole live journal thing but i mainly listen to indie music (am not mainstream musics biggest fan - to but it likely!) and i am always making mix tapes/playlists for my ipod :)

in the process of making a mix about when nothing seems to stay the same.... so far i have..

flux - bloc party
constants - umbrellas
i won't be happy again - bright eyes
another suitcase, another subway - lights over ashfield
always love - nada surf

waiting on the world to change - john mayer (ok so i know that john mayer is sort of mainstream ish but yeah i just love this song and he is not as bad as people like jordin sparks and miley cyrus and all that overproccsessed shit that loads of people seem to be loving at the moment... really don't understand it ! grr....)

rain drops - backseat goodbye
displaced - azure rays</b>

suggestions for songs? please? anyone?

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