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make me a mix tape
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there are already a few LJ communities that are devoted to making mixtapes, but i figured that there should be one for those who are into indie rock, indie pop, shoegaze [i could list subgenres forever, but i really won't], etc. part of the reason i started this community is so i [madflowr] could find out about bands i haven't heard of.

the following is not meant to be snobby, but it may sound that way: please don't post your mixtapes here if the majority of songs are by bands on major labels. there are other communities for that.

this is a mixtape ONLY community. please do not post mix CD tracklistings. there are other communities that you can do that in!

this community can be used to:

1) post the track list of a finished mixtape you've made/got.

2) post a picture of that mixtape if the cover is something you want to show off!

3) ask people for help if you're working on a theme for a mixtape and having trouble finding enough songs for it.

4) initiate mixtape trades with members of the community.


there are other uses that i'm sure i'm not thinking of at this moment in time, but as it grows, the people who join will define it.

last but not least, PLEASE USE THE LJ-CUT TAG. i would recommend doing an lj-cut after side A if you're posting the track list of a mixtape. info on how to lj-cut can be found here.

thanks for checking us out! happy mixtaping!
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